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"Robber Of The Cruel Streets"

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

George MullerWe now have a title… “Robber of the Cruel Streets” for our production on the life of George Muller. Momentum has been stepped up with the commitment of three co-producers – United Christian Broadcasters in UK, Evangeliums-Rundfunk (ERF) in Germany and Christian History Institute in conjunction with Gateway Films/Vision Video in USA. All three are well known to us and are good friends with the same desire to bring Glory to God through the production of this programme.

In addition, we have the commitment of CWR (Crusade for World Revival) to publish a book to accompany the production, which will be written by Clive Langmead who has worked extensively with us in the past.


It’s full steam ahead now to get this production under way – and following on Muller’s example – we need your prayers! This is the most ambitious project CTA has undertaken – even though most of it will be filmed locally in Bristol. As a mix of documentary and period costume drama, it is particularly challenging – and here’s why:

We need two actors (or one exceptionally skilled actor) to play Muller – covering his years from a teenager to when he dies in his 90’s! We need a highly skilled make-up artist whose work can stand the scrutiny of the TV camera lens. We need other actors, and ‘orphans’ to play all the roles in the drama. We need early Victorian locations (including a prison) to shoot many of the scenes, and ‘props’ to dress them. We need about 40 or 50 ‘extras’, all in costume for some scenes to be filmed in a Victorian Church. We need costumes for all the actors and ‘orphans’ – some of which will need to be made.

In addition, we need to purchase more pieces of technical equipment – particularly for the editing. So you see why we need your prayers. Finding the right people is essential if this is to have the impact we believe it can.