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Partners Around The World - Broadcast In Romania

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

B1-TV is a secular commercial satellite TV channel in Romania, present in the homes of 55% of the Romanian 22 million population. For the second time this year both “Bartholomew’s Gift” and “Bartholomew a Gift from God” have been shown on this nationwide television station.

BartholomewMany more CTA programmes are aired by all the other 32 local and regional secular stations which run in different cities of Romania. This is a result of the good work carried out by Alfa Omega TV based in Timisoara, headed up by Tudor Petan.

Alfa Omega TV is a television studio with a heart to reach the Romanian people for Jesus Christ. For many years we have partnered with them, providing programmes and equipment we have been able to donate.

They ask your prayers for the building of a new studio in Timisoara to contain a larger TV studio and other media departments for translation work, Christian news, publishing, distribution, internet, administration and training. Building work is well underway, thanks to donations received from all over the world. However, much is still needed to see the studio and facilities completed.

Praise God for the wide open door in Romania. These new facilities will enable Alfa Omega to produce and adapt programmes, making them more attractive and relevant for the Romanian and South-Eastern European audience.