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Partners Around The World - Cost of commitment

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Dr Jacob ChinnappaIn our Autumn 2003 edition you will have read of how our programmes are being used in India, with news of people committing their lives to the Lord after watching Book by Book on the Psalms. We recently received this report from Dr Jacob Chinnappa (pictured right) of the same mission, highlighting the urgent need in this country and the cost of commitment.

“Evangelist Pastor K Daniel, 28, working with Petra Communication Service an evangelistic mission was found brutally murdered in Hyderabad… He joined the mission at the age of 22, very committed he wanted to serve the Lord with all his might and strength. After a period of training he worked with the mission, mostly amongst the poor slum dwellers on the outskirts of the city. With the Lord’s help, he established 4 churches in the last 5 years with a total congregation of 160 people.”

“On Sunday August 14th, I attend Pastor Daniel’s Church. All the members of the Church were in tears when they saw me, even I could not control. In the service everyone prayed for the salvation of the persons who murdered Pastor Daniel, I was deeply moved by their faith.”

“On Saturday September 17th Hyderbad Chapter of Christian Business and Professional Men met. I was privileged to screen the (CTA) film ‘Coming to Britain’. Everyone appreciated the film, two businessmen shared with me how the Lord spoke to them through this film. I am sure in future days the Lord will do great things through this film.”

CTA donates programmes to this ministry, if you would like to help support this mission please contact the CTA office.