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Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

The DVD version of ‘Robber of the Cruel Streets’ is even better value now! Two extra programmes have been added providing much more information on George Muller and the orphanages he built.


‘George Muller – A Second Look’ features contributions from a number of well known experts including Roger Steer, author of the best selling biography: ‘Delighted in God’. Julian Marsh, Director of the Muller Foundation in Bristol reveals the meticulous records detailing every single child that stayed at Muller. George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation describes how Muller inspired him and influenced the way OM operated for many years. These and other contributors provide a detailed background and insight into the man himself, and is an ideal companion to the main feature.


‘Muller’s Children’ features first hand accounts from a number of people who spent part of their childhood in a Muller’s home during and after the war. George Collett thought he had arrived at a prison, but soon adjusted to sleeping in a dormitory with 50 other boys. He talks warmly about his time at Mullers – especially about some of the antics they got up to. Cynthia Huddlestone describes what it was like being cared for along with her brothers by two elderly spinsters, and the impact Mullers had on her Christian faith.


At £14.99 the new DVD is great value, and even greater when you also buy the accompanying book ‘Robber of the Cruel Streets’ by Clive Langmead at £9.99. The beautifully illustrated book not only provides a huge amount of information on George Muller, but also contains suggestions to encourage your prayer life.

* As a special offer, when you buy a book and DVD (or video) we will let you have them for just £20.