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Into All The World

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Filming scene from 'Robber Of The Cruel Streets'Over 200,000 miles of travel to 42 different countries is a feat in itself. Embarking on such adventures at the age of 70 is a challenge, but in 1875 it was even more remarkable. Consequently the story of George Muller is known far and wide. It’s no wonder then that our production is generating interest worldwide.

Our co-producers will ensure the DVD will be distributed in USA by Christian History Institute, televised in UK in December on UCB TV and in Germany as a special Christmas feature broadcast by ERF. Already we know of many churches in UK who plan special screenings for use in outreach. (For more details contact the CTA office)

It’s already being dubbed into Arabic and will be shown next month across the Middle East on SAT7. Although only released in September, the DVD is planned for release in Brazil, South Africa, India, Singapore, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. It will be shown at the Sabaoth Film Festival in Milan in November as one of the finalists.

We like to think that if Mr Muller were alive in this generation he would be using every medium available to spread the great news of a “God who hears and answers prayer”. This too is our experience as we see God’s hand at work in opening the doors for the programme to be shown.

But it’s only the beginning – we would ask you to continue to pray that the Holy Spirit would touch lives during the broadcasts. That many more doors would be opened around the world – wouldn’t it be great if the programme could follow Muller into 42 different countries around the world. Pray that, in this age of scepticism people will be challenged to take God at His word and put their trust in Him for their lives and all their needs.