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A Focus On Romania

Posted on 25 Oct 2007 by .

Emanuel Hospice, Oradea

Kirsteen CowlingOradea is a town near the western border of Romania. It’s also a place where angels demonstrate the love of God in a powerful and wonderful way. The team that make up Emanuel Hospice wouldn’t see it that way though. They regard themselves as just ordinary folk; nurses, doctors, and counsellors who are just serving their community using their skills and talents. Yet what they do is almost unique in Romania and CTA was privileged to produce a documentary about it. Caring for the terminally ill was the vision of Marinela Murg some year ago. She got together a team of qualified staff, and today is providing an ‘at home’ service of palliative care and support for the dying, and their families. They make no charge, and rely entirely on donations, most of which come from the UK.

One of those who worked with her is Kirsteen Cowling, who went to work as a Children’s nurse. Kirsteen presents the programme, drawing on her 7 years experience there to tell a moving and challenging story, which will touch everyone’s heart. Some of those we filmed have since died – but their families continue to be supported by Emanuel Hospice. The purpose of the programme is to raise interest, and support for the work. Their vision is to build a hospice where patients can come and live and be cared for. We hope the video will go some way to making this possible. It will also be aired on UCB.

Marinela Murg"We appreciated very much the effort and sacrifice of Mr. Crawford Telfer and Mr. Malcolm Turner who visited us in Oradea and spent three days with us filming different aspects from the care provided by our team members to the dying patients and their families.

The idea of having a documentary about Emanuel Hospice was a real challenge for us. Both hospice team members and patients awaited with some emotions the filming days but realised after the filming process ended that, because of the profesionalism and dedication of the CTA members, it was much easier than we have expected. Now we are enthusiastic at the thought that soon we will have a documentary film which will present the services provided by Emanuel Hospice.

Emanuel HospiceWe think that the DVD will represent a good educational tool for professionals, students and volunteers who would like to know more about palliative care and are interested in the work of Emanuel Hospice. Also we will use the DVD to educate and raise awareness of the general public about the needs of dying patients and their families. As Emanuel hospice is a charitable organisation funded through donations and sponsorships from other organisations, churches, individulas and companies we think that through this DVD we will be able to show different aspect from our work to the Emanuel Hospice friends and supporters” wrote Marinela Murg, the Director of Emanuel Hospice.

Alfa Omega TV – Timisoara

From right to left, Malcolm Turner, Mirela and Tudor Petan, Sorin Petan and Crawford Telfer, outside the new studio under constructionFor over 10 years CTA has been supporting Alfa Omega TV in Timisoara, Romania, by way of providing programmes free of charge and passing on redundant equipment. So while in Romania, Crawford and Malcolm were able to pay them a visit. We recorded an interview to be broadcast over the Easter period, along with the showing of “So, who is this Jesus?” in Romanian.

A major answer to prayer is that Alfa Omega TV has recently become the first Christian digital TV station in Romania to receive a license to broadcast. Tudor Petan, our good friend, founder and President of Alfa Omega, showed us around Timisoara where the fall of the communist state started in 1989. It’s incredible to think in those days Tudor was not a Christian.

In 2003 Tudor’s vision was to build a television studio, which is slowly becoming a reality… “We never had money far in advance, but God never was late. From the beginning, finances for the land, construction authorisation, the foundation, walls etc., poured in just when it was needed. God is faithful!” said Tudor. He is praying for God to provide the remaining $500,000 to complete the project, by the end of the year.