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Bordeaux, Brittany and Beyond

Posted on 25 Oct 2007 by .

BrittanyUFM Worldwide’s latest commission took our France loving Programmes Director across the channel to Bordeaux and Brittany. It’s not just the food and wine that makes France such an appealing destination – it’s also a beautiful and varied country.

And yet there are probably few countries in Europe that are so spiritually barren. An estimated 80% of the population have never seen or held a Bible. 90% of France’s towns and village have no evangelical witness. In fact there are ten times more Evangelical believers in the UK. But, encouragingly, over the past 20 years, the number of Evangelical Christians has doubled – but Islam can also claim a huge number of adherents – twice as many as there are Christians.

Our video for UFM concentrates on the work they are doing among the students of Bordeaux’s renowned university. Many of them are from China, and the Far East, and are open and hungry for God. In Brittany the challenge is to reach the hundreds of small towns and villages, and also reach a growing British population who have been attracted by good weather, cheap housing and lots of space. It is quite a shock when you realise France – our nearest neighbour, is in far greater need of mission input than Africa or Latin America. ‘Bordeaux, Brittany and Beyond’ provides a tiny glimpse of the opportunities that exists for mission, and of the need for those willing to hear God’s call to go – and after all it’s not that far away.