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After The Heart Of Mr Muller

Posted on 25 Oct 2007 by .

George MullerAfter all the excitement, and hard work of the “Robber of the Cruel Streets”, the story of George Muller, the first half of this year has been a concentration of Mission documentaries. They may not be viewed as exciting or anticipated as our drama-documentaries, but I’m sure Mr Muller would have approved.

They may not be the type of programmes that sweep the awards, but we believe they are the ones that will reap the rewards. Our main productions have taken us to two very different countries but which share very great needs. They won’t get the profile of the Muller production, but the viewer can’t help but be moved by the challenge they present in different ways. This is where our heart is, one of the main driving forces when CTA was established was to support missions and raise awareness of the needs around the world. You are an important part of this mission as you use our programmes and provide support to enable us to continue this work.