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Open Home - Open Bible

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

An exciting new Bible study course presented by Richard Bewes of All Souls, Langham Place and featuring John Stott, Michele Guinness & others.

All you have ever wanted to know about basic biblical truth.

There seems to be a general assumption in Churches that as soon as you become a believer you have knowledge of all things Christian, from the doctrine of the Holy Spirit to the second coming. There also seems to be very little, by way of bible teaching packages, to meet the need.

A bible study course, written by Richard Bewes, rector of All Souls Langham Place, London and published by Robert Hicks, has been designed to provide teaching for new believers. As part of the package CTA is producing a four part set of videos to be used as discussion starters for the series.

Each video contains six fifteen minute programmes, led by Richard Bewes, in discussion with different experts who talk around Bible topics, linking relevant scriptures and illustrations.

In addition, John Stott talks about interpretation of the Bible in a special 30 minute introductory programme which will be offered to those ordering the full set of videos and study materials.

Other people involved include Ghanaian Gottfried Osei-Mensah, Australian Marian Byrne who works with UCCF, theologians Paul Blackham from the North of England and Ivan Fawzi from Iraq as well as well known author and journalist Michele Guinness.

All have valuable experience and insight. The discussions are engrossing, as our cameramen discovered as they tried to concentrate on the filming!

Again we are trying to keep the cost of the package as low as possible, to make it accessible for all groups and use in Churches, schools, prisons in fact anywhere groups of believers meet together to discover the treasurers contained in God's Word.

The Programmes should be available by the end of the year complete with study books and materials.

To obtain a leaflet about the course and more information, contact the CTA office.