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Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Posted on 29 Feb 2008 by .

Charles Haddon SpurgeonBy the age of 20, he was preaching to 6,000 people every Sunday. He preached to 10 million people in his lifetime – and this long before radio and television, and p.a. systems! His sermons were printed in the newspapers and published around the world. His influence was such that he was one of those select few who featured in a jubilee portrait of Queen Victoria. Charles Haddon Spurgeon – a small man chosen by God for a big purpose. At a time when Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’ was a best seller, his stand against the liberal thinking that was infecting the church helped prevent it from sinking into apostasy and unbelief as happened in the rest of Europe.

Today’s evangelical Bible believing Christians owe him more than they realise.

Having taken a close look at his life and ministry, it has become very clear that the story of Spurgeon is amazingly relevant to Christians today. His stand against the tide of unbelief, his absolute confidence in the Bible, his emphasis on simple faith in Christ, his initiation of over 60 works of charity, his ‘celebrity’ status – all speak loudly to us in the twenty first century. We hope the programme will not just be of historical interest, but have a powerful and challenging message for today. So please remember us in your prayers as we embark on what, to date, will be our biggest ever production.

Spurgeon is the subject of CTA’s latest drama/documentary, which is now in the very early stages of pre-production. A draft script has been completed and God willing we hope to be filming it late this autumn. We already have co-producers on board from the USA and Germany, but we still need to raise an estimated £40,000 in the UK. We are confident that if the Lord is behind this production, then the necessary finance will follow.