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What Next?…Adventures in Retirement

Posted on 29 Feb 2008 by .

The statisticians tell us that the fastest growing part of our society is the over 60’s; people in retirement. For many people it can be a time of not just physical decline, but emotional turmoil. A depressing sense of ‘sitting on the side lines’ and being left out can make our years of retirement miserable and unsatisfying.

What Next?CTA’s latest production is a series of three programmes called ‘What Next? – Adventures in Retirement’ and tells the story of a wide range of people who have found new life and meaning in their ‘senior’ years. Some have done ‘big’ things – such as starting a zoo farm. Others have done hidden things such as spending half of every day in intercessory prayer. Others have fulfilled ambitions they now have the time to do – such as gardening. For Christians, there really is no retirement from service – and as one contributor advised: we should pray years before our retirement for guidance as to what we should do when it comes.

The programme was co-produced with UCB Television, and is available on DVD. Our hope is that it will inspire many older people to find out what God wants them to do – in fact to find out ‘What’s Next?’