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"What Next?.. Adventures in Retirement"
Retirement! The thought of it can fill you with dread - the feeling of being past your 'sell by' date - of being left on the shelf, no longer valued or needed. It can also be a time of major adjustment, to life without a partner, or long term illness. But retirement can also be a time to start a new life, to fulfill long held dreams. In this three part series, we meet people who discovered that God had plans for their retirement years and their old age. They found out that life can once again be challenging, full of purpose and sometimes surprising.

A set of 3 DVDs - £8 each or £15 for all 3

Robber of the Cruel Streets

"Robber of the Cruel Streets - The Story of George Muller"

He provided homes and welfare for the 120,000 orphans he 'robbed' from Bristol's cruel streets. This he did without making any appeals or using any fundraising techniques, but simply by prayer. George Muller became a 19th century pioneer who took God at His word.
Main feature: 60 mins. Additional special feature: 30 mins

Normal Price £12.99 - Special Offer only £8

Battles Christians Face

"Battles Christians Face" Introductory Offer

For details of the DVD, click here.

Normal price £12.99 - Introductory Offer £8

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