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Answering God's call in tough times

Posted on 01 Feb 2010 by .

It was Crawford who was answering the call - from CEVMA (Christian European Visual Media Association) to be the devotional speaker at their Annual Conference, this year held in Edinburgh.

Producers, distributors, actors as well as other Christians involved in visual media come together each year, from across Europe and beyond, to network and fellowship with one another. His brief was to explore the subject "Answering God‘s call in tough times", answering such questions as - What is a call? How do you hear it? Does God call everyone? Who does He call? Does God call only young people? Does His call ever change? What happens when you respond?

"We all have questions on what is arguably one of the most exciting themes in the Bible" said Crawford, who is well placed to talk on such a theme, having completed almost 25 years in full-time service as CTA‘s Director of Programmes. He described his call from God to leave the BBC to join CTA, and used examples from the Bible to to answer the questions.

If you are interested to hear how he tackled the subject, we would be pleased to send a recording of the talks on a set of CD‘s, free of charge.