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Bound For Albania

Posted on 01 Feb 2010 by .

It was during the month of November 2007, when as part of the school program I was in, we had to find a workplace for language practice. Close to our previous home there was a Christian TV station, so we thought to contact them. For 1 month I could work there. The director was very welcoming, so they accepted me. There, someone showed me a DVD in English called 'So, who is this Jesus?' I watched it, and immediately thought to translate it into Albanian.

After contacting the CTA, permission was given for me to translate it. It took endless hours to bring it into Albanian, but at the end - it is READY. We obtained from CTA, 20 of them in English, and 100 in Albanian. The English ones have been given as gifts for evangelism among foreigners in Finland, where I live. 100 in Albanian subtitles have been given as gifts to evangelists, and pastors in Albania for their use. Some of them I have given to Kosovars whom I have met in Finland. For example, in July 09 I went to Albania, and I had taken some of these with me. At the airport, flying to Budapest and then Pristina, there were about 15 Kosovars (we speak the same language - Albanian). So, after a few minutes I shook hands with them, and said: I have a gift for you. He looked at it and said, but we are Moslems. However, I was able to tell them about Jesus. He said that he had a Quran with him in his bag. Also he said, that when they would arrive in Kosovo they would watch it there.
May they accept Jesus as their Saviour and Lord!

Later, as I was seeing the CTA webpage, I noticed "Robber of The Cruel Streets". The CTA staff sent to me two DVDs in English. I liked it so much, moreover, I thought that it would be a great encouragement to Albanian and Kosovar church leaders and Christian believers. To make the story short, since summer 2009 it has been ready, and in July I was able to give 40 DVDs of Robber of Cruel Streets in Albanian subtitles to local pastors and believers in Albania.

Thank you CTA for the wonderful and Godly work you do.

Milto Marko (pictured), Albanian in Finland