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Life Stories

The Shetland Flyer (DVD)

Eddie Watt ran a succesful plumbing business. But an encounter with God on a stormy night changed all that. He became a commercial pilot and ended up taking his family to East Africa where he flew for Mission Aviation Fellowship. Eddie is very much part of the community of Shetland, and in this documentary we hear of his flying escapades and meet some of his 'customers' and friends.

The Quiet Trailblazer (DVD)

Victorian dentist, Anthony Norris Groves is a forgotten hero, who quietly changed the face of mission and helped establish a major movement through his complete reliance on God to supply all his needs. Presented by Russell Boulter, this DVD will stir up lively debate and encourage Christians to get back to a simpler faith.

Wings Like Eagles (DVD)

Soldier first and pilot second, David flew with a machine-gun under his seat, aware that death could face him at any moment. The shocking loss of a comrade affected him deeply. Still more testing was flying the high mountain valleys of the remote Irian Jaya, where David's calling led him next - working with Mission Aviation Fellowship among the stone-age warriors of South-East Asia.

Saved To Serve (2 DVD Set)

Four great testimonies on two DVDs

Adrian Plass - Preaching To The Converted (CD)

The contents of this album represent Adrian Plass's response to a church that has inspired a mixture of love and irritation in him since he first became a Christian.

Healing Hands, Hurting Hearts (DVD)

In this moving documentary we meet some of those whose lives have been deeply affected by the team of dedicated professionals, and discover how God's love is being demonstrated by their practical love and care.

Missionary Tales (DVD)

What possessed John and Gloria Wilson to leave the comfort and ease of life in Scotland, for one of hardship and privation in one of the world's most remote regions?

"What Next? 3... Adventures in Retirement

Three contrasting stories are featured in this edition of "What Next?"on the themes of: Continuation, Restoration and God's Surprises.

"What Next? 2... Adventures in Retirement

For some people retirement brings opportunity to fulfil dreams and long held ambitions. For others it means learning to live with long term illness. In this second episode of "What Next?" we have two very different stories to tell.

"What Next? 1... Adventures in Retirement

Retirement! The thought of it can fill you with dread - the feeling of being past your 'sell by' date - of being left on the shelf, no longer valued or needed. It can also be a time of major adjustment, to life without a partner, or long term illness.